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     Business the Deluxe Way

Doing Business the Deluxe Way!

Warranty - All Precision Marshall products are covered by the tool steel industry’s only Quality Guarantee, where in the event of a claim all direct costs associated with the defect are reimbursed to the final customer. With this type of commitment in place, quality can never be taken for granted.

Raw Material Sourcing - Precision Marshall maintains long-term supply arrangements with the world’s finest producing specialty mills.  With the advantage of selecting from the strengths of a variety of producers, Precision Marshall is able to bring to the market a complete product line where every size and grade is “top of the line.”

Premium Products - Precision Marshall offers three proprietary materials not available from other producers.  These are two Mold Quality plate steels, Super 7 M-Q and Marshalloy MQ/FM and Nutec 42, a pre-hardened grade of Ground Flat Stock.  All three are trademark registered.

Satisfaction from Stock - “Backorder” is a dirty word at Precision Marshall. Sophisticated materials and production planning assure that a 98% in stock satisfaction rate is maintained over the Company’s nearly 5,000 standard items. Our hustling associates assure that the rare stock out is resolved fast!

Right Now Shipping - Our systems are designed to ship standard products from our inventory immediately.  Over 90% of our orders are filled within 24 hours.  Lead times are essentially transportation time.  We know that “speed sells.” 

Order Desk Decision Making - Precision Marshall inside sales associates are trained and empowered to make critical business decisions in real time.  No waiting on “the boss” to get out of a meeting.  Our inside sales associates know the “real boss” is their customer and they act like it!

Problem Solving (Recovery) - Sometimes transactions don’t go as planned.  When this happens Precision Marshall associates go into “overdrive” to make certain that things get corrected to the benefit of our customers … fast! No “policy statements” standing in the way.  Every transaction ends as a winner. 

Custom Requirements - When something out of the ordinary is needed, Precision Marshall can deliver.  Skilled production associates rise to the occasion to create “just what the doctor ordered” when it comes to odd sizes, unique tolerances, and/or types of material not listed as “standards.”  Short lead times and exact are quantities not a problem.  Precision Marshall is a complete source for Deluxe Tool Steel and Alloy Plate, Ground Flat Stock, and Drill Rod.